Let’s face it anything to do with finance can be quite boring until you realise you need it.  Generally, commercial borrowers are less satisfied with their lenders than home loan customers, but there is always a varying degree of trepidation when considering a change of your commercial lender.   With home loans, you either qualify or you don’t.  Fail on one of the 5 C’s of credit on a home loan and it is declined.  That is not necessarily the case with commercial lending.  As a commercial borrower, you may not satisfy all the 5 C’s, but that doesn’t mean the loan has to be declined.  As a Commercial Finance Broker, it is my job to identify any weaknesses in your application, present a case that mitigates those weaknesses and look at identifying whether strengths in other areas are sufficient to offset the weaknesses.  So, don’t be afraid to change lenders if you are not happy with what you have.

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