As a first home buyer, you may think it is a daunting process and you even be unsure as to what you have to do.  Well we are here to make the journey simple and enjoyable for you.  Here’s the steps to buying your first home:

  1. Deposit

You will need a minimum 5% deposit and it must be genuinely saved.  That means it must be consistent over a minimum of 3 months.

  1. Borrowing Capacity

Once we know all your income, expenses and liabilities, we then calculate your borrowing capacity.  Simple put, how much can you afford to borrow from the lender.

  1. Lender Comparisons

We will give a comparison between different lenders which sets out all the details of the loan.  We will then assist you to choose the most appropriate lender for you.

  1. Per-Approval

We will then go to the lender of your choice to get you a pre-approval for the amount you can afford to borrow.

  1. Go House Hunting

Now it’s time to go find your first home.  Having the pre-approval gives you the confidence of knowing how much you can spend so you can start to make offers.

  1. Sign your contract

Once you sign your contract bring it to us.  We will then formalise the loan with your lender and you are on your way to owning your first home.

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