Home Loan Refinancing & Debt Consolidation

You may think there is no way out of your current financial situation. You may have even been knocked back by lenders and not know where else to turn. JRMBF can help you turn things around.

When you have multiple debts to pay off, managing them can begin to feel overwhelming. Which debt should you prioritise? When is your next payment due? What about interest rates? Nobody wants to get a call from debt collectors. Fortunately JRMBF can help you long before it ever gets to that stage.

To consolidate your debts means to roll all your existing debts into a single amount to be paid off in regular installments. To refinance means to replace your existing home loan with a new one, usually a loan that better suits your changed needs or financial situation. With a debt consolidation home loan, you can pay your credit card debt and other debts off under your mortgage.

Refinancing and debt consolidation have many benefits, from a simpler system of repayments to a lower interest rate to an end in sight for your debt. But that has to be done right. In the hands of less experienced financial professionals, you could end up going deeper into debt, paying a higher interest rate or putting assets like your home and car at risk. But with such a wide variety of financial experts and mortgage brokers in the market, who can you trust to handle your consolidation with expertise?

With combined experience of more than fifty years in the finance and lending industries, JRMBF have the expertise you require. With in-depth knowledge of and access to the very best deals on the market, we can find you an arrangement that improves your financial situation – and help you steer clear of financial damage.

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Home Loan Refinancing

If you signed up for your existing home loan a long time ago, you might not be aware what other offers are on the market. Besides, who has time to browse through all the existing lenders and their current options until they happen across the one that suits them? At JRMBF we do that for you. It’s our job, and we have the contacts and the insider knowledge to do the job thoroughly and efficiently. We offer mortgage refinance in some of inner-city Brisbane’s most highly prized areas, such as Teneriffe, Newstead and New Farm.

Maybe you’re not sure if you want to switch just yet, but you’d definitely like to look into your options. Contact JRMBF to find out more about how we can help.


Debt Consolidation Loans


One outstanding loan, one payment every month. That’s how simply things are when you’re approved for a debt consolidation loan. Credit cards, store cards, student loans, personal loans and other types of debt – a debt consolidation loan will combine them all and replace them with one significantly more convenient and manageable debt. There are two main types of debt consolidation loans. Secured loans use an asset (usually your home) for security. Unsecured loans don’t require the use of an asset as security, but generally come with a higher interest rate instead.

Obviously you want to find the loan that’s best for you. And it only makes sense that you don’t want to risk a valuable asset such as your property if you can help it. You could take your business to a bank or credit union, but they won’t give you the kind of personal service backed by decades of experience that JRMBF can provide.

Lower your interest rate

What if you could not only set up a loan repayment where the risk of such a loss was minimal, but you could get ahead with a lower interest rate as well? JRMBF can help you with that!

Personal Loan Consolidation


Sometimes called “consumer debt”, personal debt is debt that is accrued by individuals or households as opposed to corporations or the government. Australians have some of the highest levels of personal debt in the world, whether from home loans, car loans, retail and consumer goods, holidays and investments such as shares or property. That’s why JRMBF are on a mission to help Australians take control of their debts and reclaim their financial freedom. Contact us to find out how to consolidate those little debts that add up and begin the repayment process.


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