Is it Time to Switch

In an ideal world, you’ll have a one lender; one lender who works for you and will help you manage your home loan, right?  Sadly, that’s not the case anymore.  With low interest rates, and high competition for customers, lenders are offering NEW products to attract NEW clients.  This means existing clients are left with less than competitive home loan products that don’t meet their needs and leaves them financially disadvantaged.  Often, lenders don’t even pass on RBA interest rates cuts to existing clients. When you’re feeling let down by your lender, it maybe time to switch.

Our Home Loan Specialists work hard to keep our clients happy and financially better off throughout the life of their loan.  Switching to new lenders offering better products is easy when you have a trusted mortgage broker, who does the heavy lifting for you.  Our team vigorously advocates for the interests of our clients, even if that means, finding another lender who can serve them better.

Our client Mathew is a great example of how, we’ve helped him switch his home loan and lender to achieve a better financial position.  Mathew had several properties during the past few years with various home loans.  Recently, he has sold one of his properties, and consolidated with only one remaining. 

As part of our yearly review, Home Loan Specialist Julie Rashleigh sat down with Mathew and went through his financial goals, and current position.  Through this process, Julie presented Mathew with alternative products offered by different lenders that included lower interest rates.

The lender comparisons include factors such as loan amount, remaining term, interest rate, repayments, features of the loan, application or monthly fees (if any), annual package fees, discharge fees.  The comparative savings over these loans will show how you can save money on your home loan.

Mathew’s current lender was not able to meet his needs, or willing to match their competitors’ offers. After much research, deliberation, and compliance due diligence, Julie was able to present Mathew with several good alternative home loan products that will ultimately save him money.  A new home loan application has been submitted for Mathew and he has been approved! 

We love meeting our clients, where it’s most convenient for them, and sharing a coffee after the hard work is done. Check out the photo of a smiling Mathew.
If your home loan product is not serving your interest, now is the time to chat with your mortgage broker and find a new product and new lender

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