Among the many people we help, there are those who love buying and selling property regularly.  For these clients, we build up a lifelong connection; getting to know them and their financial goals and helping them to achieve these over many years.

Meet MJ, one of our highly valued long-term clients.  She’s a big fan of classic homes and her latest purchase is a gorgeous Queenslander, close to the Brisbane CBD. 

Over the past 10 years, Home Loan Specialist Julie Rashleigh has been working with MJ, helping her gain financial approval to facilitate her property purchases.

Here’s what Julie loves about helping MJ …

“She is the type of client that every mortgage broker just absolutely loves…  whatever we ask for –   she delivers, whatever the lender asks for – she delivers.

“Understanding the home lending process and the need to meet compliance requirements, makes our job so much easier.  And will result in a great outcome for everyone as well,” said Julie. 

In MJ’s case, we needed to find the right lender that could turn around her loan application quickly. Due to the “hot” Brisbane property market, all lenders have been swamped with loan applications causing service level agreements to blow out.  This is hard to manage with limited clauses in the contract of sale.  Throw in public holidays and suddenly, our team are racing against the clock to meet the finance clause in the sales contract.

We explained the situation to MJ and found a lender with a good turnaround approval time, but our team had to move quickly.

To save precious time, Julie met with MJ close to the lenders ‘settlement agents’ offices to sign documents.  As a Commissioner for Declaration, Julie was able to witness mortgage documents. Once signed, Julie hand delivered all the documents to the lenders’ settlement agents in preparation for settlement within two business days.

And, with everything in order, the loan was approved, and settlement went through without any problems.

We’re so pleased for MJ and congratulate her on her stunning new home.

Our team will always do their utmost to make things happen.

If you want a mortgage broker you can rely on and trust for life, contact our team.

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