1. Overall, how satisfied were you with my services?

2. On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being very poor, 5 being exceptional), how would you rank your overall experience with me?

3. What elements of the service I provided most impressed you?
How easy everything was, how quickly you would get back to me and your expertise.

4. Are there any improvements to my service I could make?

5. Please rate me on each of the following:
Understanding of your needs: Excellent
Knowledge and explanation of products: Excellent
Courtesy and friendliness: Excellent
Communication (i.e. keeping you up to date): Excellent
Quality of service: Excellent

6. Did I keep you informed during the application and approval process?

7. Would you be interested in knowing more about any of the other services I provide?

8. Would you recommend my services to others?

9. How did you hear about me?
Marketing (Direct mail, letter box drops, advertorial in local papers etc)

I’d love for you to include a customer testimonial on my service to you or any other feedback. Great testimonials help promote my service and may be published on my website using your first name only.
We were extremely pleased with Julie’s understanding of our needs, expertise and communication. We work working our way through a complete muddle trying to do it all by ourselves. Julie helped it make sense and made it all easy.