Manage Your Cash flow with Working Capital Loans

During these challenging times, some businesses may find themselves in cash flow difficulties. One of our clients in the training sector was reliant on overseas revenue to cover expenses such as wages and rent in Australia.

To secure funds to cover their costs for the next three months, our highly experienced Commercial Broker John Rashleigh sought out the best option for their situation.  Working closely with the business owner and accountant, John was able to put forward a convincing case for the lender to approve a Day to Day Capital Loan, through Get Capital.

Essentially, this is a working capital loan for short-term funding to enable businesses to keep running from day to day. Operational expenses can be paid, even if the business isn’t making enough working capital to cover those expense.

In our client’s case, they were able to continue to meet their obligations, until revenue was received from overseas. The interest rate was reasonable, making it an affordable option for cash-strapped businesses.

If you’re concerned about meeting your business expenses or paying your workforce, we can help you find the best financial solution to suit your situation. Take the first step and have a chat with John.

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